7 Reasons Silk Pillowcases are Amazing Gifts for Mother's Day

In Honour of Mother's Day we are giving 5% off when you order 2 or more Snow White or Gently Cream Pillowcases. (Code at the end of the article) This is why:

When you gift a Silk Pillowcase to someone you are gifting a whole world to them. So it is entirely appropriate to give a Silk Pillowcase to the person who brought you up to be the amazing person you are.


1. Silk is Naturally Anti-Ageing (and Generally Excellent for Skin)

Silk Pillowcases are Anti-Ageing

Silk is made of amino acids which are similar to the ones our skin and hair is made of. This biocompatibility actively benefits skin, helping to regenerate and moisturise it every night. There is scientific evidence showing that Silk is as good for our skin as Retinol is.

It helps with fine lines, helps your skin to retain its own hydration levels and helps all those expensive serums to do their work. Cotton is very drying and ageing for the skin and should not be used for our delicate facial skin.

2. Silk is Life-Changingly Amazing for Hair

Silk works the same magic on our hair as it does on our skin. Smoothing and nourishing, you can guarantee that your mother will wake up with much less frizz and with glossier hair.

Silk works its magic in so many ways. Dry and damaged hair will be conditioned and come alive and blow dries last longer. Our Silk Hair Wraps have been specially designed to look after hair and minimises friction almost completely.

3. Silk Feels So Luxurious to Sleep On

We are increasingly aware of how important our sleep environment is and how critical sleep is for our wellbeing and health. There is no sensation more luxurious and inviting than sinking back onto a Silk Pillowcase at the end of the day for a restful and relaxing night. It really is an easy and beautiful way to immediately enhancing the Bedtime Ritual.


4. Silk is Incredibly, Endlessly Beautiful

Here at This Is Silk we send out thousands of pillowcases to discerning customers and even after all this time, we marvel at the beauty of the Silk. To us, it is a precious fabric with the lustre and allure of diamonds and pearls. The way it catches the light and almost glows is like nothing else on earth.


5. Our Silk Pillowcases come in Beautiful Boxes

We designed our boxes to protect the Silk but also to remind that Silk is a real gift to us, and something special to be treasured. Every Silk Pillowcase and Silk Hair Wrap comes in a beautifully designed and elegant box, perfect for gifting.


6. Our Silk is Award-Winning

We have always aimed to sell the best quality Silk and spent many months searching for both the perfect grade and the best silk suppliers, so it was very reassuring to win the ‘Best Buy’ award for Silk Pillowcases in the Independent. This is a coveted and rigorously tested, independent award, as you would expect. Months later, the Spectator Life magazine declared that the best Silk Pillowcases are found at This Is Silk.

So you can rest assured that when you gift our Silk Pillowcase, you are gifting the highest quality Silk available.


7. Silk has Heritage and Meaning

A gift given to someone we care about so deeply should have meaning. Silk has been loved and revered for thousands of years (either eight or ten thousand years depending on your view) because its beauty is timeless and universal. Our old trading routes were named after Silk (The Silk Road) because it was the most desirable commodity traded between the East and the West. When gifts were given by dignitaries to Kings and Queens, they were usually gifts of diamonds, pearls and silk.

So when you give the gift of Silk you are taking part in an ancient ritual of giving something with heritage, history and meaning.

Our Silk Pillowcases are loved because they are incredibly beautiful and the most perfect marriage of Form and Function. This is a beautiful product which genuinely benefits the person lucky enough to sleep on it.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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