Silk Hair Curlers (inc. 2 free silk scrunchies)

Colour: Leopard

Introducing our new Silk Hair Curlers, designed to give you soft, bouncy curls without the heat, which means without the damage, without the breakage and without the creases.

Silk conditions on contact and our Silk heatless curlers will leave your hair soft and smooth and curled.  Available in 3 different colours Noir, Leopard or Pink.

These curlers are made from our Signature Silk and offer the same gorgeous results as using heat but whilst protecting your delicate hair. 

Each Silk Hair Curler comes with two free silk scrunchies to secure your hair after curling. 

The pure, mulberry Silk works hard to condition your hair with its own amino acids, whilst gradually curling it without any heat. It is the heat which causes breakages and split ends.

What you can expect:

  • Smoother, Softer, bouncy curls 
  • Less breakages and heat damage 
  • Comes as a pack with with one curler and two scrunchies
  • Best results when used on slightly damp hair 
  • Perfect for those with little time to curl their hair
  • Can be used for most hair lengths 
  • Hair can be wrapped tightly in small sections around the curler for tight bouncy curls or looser in larger sections for looser more natural waves.

How to use your Silk heatless Curlers:

  • If hair is dry to begin with, spritz with a little water so it is slightly damp
  • If hair is wet to begin with, dry until it is mostly dry but a little damp to the touch
  • Divide your hair into two sections, as if to do pigtails, then secure the curler at the top using a hair clip
  • Starting on one side, wrap small sections of hair away from you around the curler, as you would on curl tongs
  • For tighter curls, wrap tight and horizontally and for waves, use the length of the curler to wrap around
  • Once you have wrapped all your hair on one side, secure with a silk scrunchie
  • Do the other side in precisely the same way
  • For best results, leave overnight (they are soft enough to sleep in) or for a few hours
  • After leaving for a while, remove the scrunchies and wiggle the curler up and away from your hair, and enjoy the results!





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Does not work with shorter hair.