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Silk Hair Towel



"We found far less tangles, and previously knotty hair felt much smoother and softer to style. Plus, our dried hair looked glossier..."



We are delighted to introduce ouraward winning Pure Silk Hair Towel Wrap!


Like our Pillowcase, this Silk Hair Towel Wrap won the 'BEST BUY' award in the Independent for Best hair towel wrap and turban 2021.


You already know that Silk has amazing benefits for hair and we wanted to replace the micro fibre hair towels with a fabric that is better for our hair and better for the environment. 

Different types of Silk have different qualities. All the Silk we use is mulberry Silk, but it is made in different ways. This Silk Hair Towel Wrap is made of 100% Silk but for this product we have chosen a minimally processed Silk Noil and constructed it uisng a jersey knit in order to increase the total surface area. 

The combination of the knit and the fabric means that the Silk Hair Towel Wrap will absorb water (unlike the Silk Satin of the pillowcases, for example) and there is a natural stretch to accommodate hair. 



  • Silk naturally conditions and nourishes Hair
  • Hair is at its weakest when wet, and the Silk will protect it
  • This is hands-free drying
  • Silk is amazing for fighting the frizz and defining hair
  • Silk is light, compact, naturally anti-microbial and dries quickly
  • Silk actively HELPS the environment, whereas Microfibre destroys it
  • One Size Fits Most



  • Flip hair forward and place within the wrap
  • Tuck your hair in and twist the towel like an ice-cream cone on your head :)
  • Fold the twist back and secure with the button
  • Go and do something relaxing, fun or mind-numbing. 



  • Silk fares better with handwashing! 
  • For machine washing, wash in a laundry bag on the delicates' cycle using a silk detergent.
  • Dry flat, naturally.