Voted BEST BUY silk pillowcase by the Independent newspaper

"This is a brand with a difference."

The Independent.

The journalist had this to say:

"The founder of the company, Sonal Keay, spent a long time sourcing the quality of silk. She settled for a 22 momme weight because she finds the thicker silk smoother and more lustrous and, crucially, it emerges perfectly from a delicates machine wash (at max 30C). She felt that it important that, if looked after well, her pillowcases would last a long time, and they are supremely washable, with the slightly thicker and heavier pure white silk feeling gorgeous on the skin, very soft and with no seaming, except at the sides.

Our tester has really sensitive skin and loved the pillowcase. After one cool, comfortable night her skin felt less aggravated and puffy. The smoothness and lack of abrasion made her skin feel softer after only a few days, with the effect continuing longer term."

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This is probably my favourite review - lovely, dear Barbara likes her pillowcases (she ordered two) so much she has offered that other would-be customers can contact her by email! Barbara, you are so sweet!

"Just to let you know I have received the pillowcases (sorry I didn't let you know sooner) I am delighted with the product and just wish I had starting using silk earlier - I had been thinking about it for about two years but just never seemed to get round to it.

If you would like to use me as a person who recommends your pillowcases I would only be too pleased to do so by email. Thanks for your lovely little note and I hope you are selling lots of these, especially as they are such good quality." 

- Barbara F, Preesall




"Gosh, they really are rather lovely, aren't they? I bought one for myself, one for my friend and one for every female member of my family."

- Auguste, Matlock Bath




"I don't normally write reviews but when I came home to my parcel last week it made my day. From the beautifully wrapped pillowcase to the handwritten note, the gorgeous feeling of sinking back into silk and the smoother skin and hair, I love it. Thank you!"

- Hilary-Jane, London



"Thank you so much for my gorgeous silk pillowcases. I bought one for myself and one for my daughter and we have noticed the difference already. My hair, which is quite fine, is much smoother and less flyaway in the mornings and my daughter has much less frizz. My skin, which is prone to dryness is much softer and less dry in the mornings and my daughter reports less oiliness. We were surprised how the silk worked for us in different ways."

- Miranda, Stockwell, London



"My daughter has tight curls which tend to frizz up when she sleeps overnight. Since I treated her to one of your silk pillowcases, she has been delighted that her hair is far more manageable when she wakes in the morning. It was a great buy!" 

- Michelle, Worcester