NEW! The Ultimate Silk Skincare Ritual - Silk Pillowcase Included

This is best-in-class skincare which has won over skincare experts, judging panels and most importantly, our customers. 

  • Silk Cream Cleanser with Silk Cleansing Cloth (100 ml)
  • 'Radiance Renewed' Silk Overnight Oil (30 ml)
  • 'Power Up' Silk Booster Oil (3 ml)
  • Natural White Silk Pillowcase (Envelope)

This is worth £182, available for £145.

- GOLD WINNER : Best New Luxury Skincare Awards, Pure Beauty. (Silk Overnight Oil)

- GOLD WINNER: Best Cream Cleanser, Global Makeup Awards. (Silk Cream Cleanser)

- GOLD WINNER - Best Cream Cleanser, Beauty Bible Awards (Silk Cream Cleanser)

- GOLD WINNER: Best Cleanser, Top Sante Beauty Awards. (Silk Cream Cleanser)

- GOLD WINNER: Beauty Bible Awards, Best Silk Pillowcase (Silk Pillowcase)

- GOLD WINNER: Best Silk Pillowcase, Top Sante Beauty Awards (Silk Pillowcase)

- SILVER WINNER, Best Serum, Global Make Up Awards (Power Up Serum)

- BRONZE WINNER, Best Facial Oil, Beauty Bible Awards (Silk Overnight Oil)

- BRONZE WINNER, Best Facial Oil, Global Make Up Awards (Silk Overnight Oil)

Silk is a magical substance rich in amino acids which have been clinically proven to:

  • Improve the appearance of fine lines
  • Even out skin tone by reducing hyperpigmentation
  • Plump and hydrate skin
  • Boost skin's own collagen levels
  • Fight the ageing effects of pollution
  • Fight the ageing effects of UV radiation

There is no other single ingredient that can do all of this so effectively. A silk cocoon has to do everything our skin does so well ~ maintain the integrity, condition and strength of the barrier, repair itself and maintain hydration and health. 

This is the ultimate set because it sets you up for your evening ritual. Begin by gently cleansing skin with our rich Silk Cream Cleanser and Silk Cleansing Cloth then moisturise with our Silk Overnight Oil .

 **Please note you may receive an undyed Silk cleansing cloth or a Noir Silk Cleansing Cloth depending on available stock**

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

This is absolutely beautiful. Wrapped gorgeous. Keeping it for myself but would make a fabulous gift


Brilliant packaging. Cleanser removes everything really well, no greasiness. Oil is great too and I keep it by my bed

Caroline Ridsdill

I love this combination, which leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. The cream cleanser is very gentle, all you need is a small amount (size of an almond is recommended but I need less), gently massage into the skin and then use the silk cloth which is wet in warm water, to wipe away. The Radiant Renew is applied at night and my skin feels super soft to touch. As with the cleanser, it is gentle on the skin and there are no marks left on my pillow as I sleep. The fragrance confuses me, I think it is slightly citrus mixed with something else but I can't quite anchor it in my mind. I have yet to use the silk mask, I may save it as a gift for someone. I have to mention the packaging, wow it is so luxurious and would make a great gift. I would highly recommend this range of products.