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Update ~ 24th March 2023

Following unprecedented demand we have sold out but more has been ordered from our scientists and you can preorder. It will be shipped within 14 days. 

Update ~ 23rd March 2023

We have had preliminary results from our testers and to our astonishment have had the following feedback:

"I was shocked. My colleagues asked me if I had work done, when I told them it was your serum, they did not believe me. They felt it had to be something more drastic than a serum. The fact that it is a clean product is just icing on the cake. Thank you so much for this product."

"It definitely plumps and smoothes"

"My cheeks look plumper and less hollow."

"This serum is amazing. My skin looks much clearer and more even."


Product History from the Founder:

This is one of the most remarkable products that I have ever seen and more than any other product, demonstrates the pure power of Silk.

And actually, what is interesting is that it is the product most like the Silk pillowcase, in that you can drop this Silk product into your existing skincare routine. 

I am writing this in the first person, which is unusual for product descriptions, but it is a very unusual product, so I'd like you to know the full story behind it.

In 2021 I began working on a moisturiser with my scientist, and in 2022 I became impatient because I wanted to add Silk to all aspects of my skincare. So we began making a very concentrated Silk active which could be added to existing moisturisers or serums. 

The reason I want to add Silk is because it really is a superingredient that does a lot very well. Silk is very well known in the medical world as a wound-healing ingredient. The Silk Peptides are excellent for everything barrier (ie skin) related, because Silk is primarily a barrier in nature. Silk in skincare is good for signs of ageing, for brightening, for hydrating, for's a miraculous little molecule.

Silk is tricky to formulate with because at therapeutic doses, which is what we use, it is very sticky. It is a potent active at therapeutic doses. 

So...come 2023..

After a few submissions and lots of tweaking, I approved a really viscous serum, designed to be added to other products. 

We began testing it on our hands, and then our faces. We would put a tiny amount of handcream on both hands, and to one hand, apply a couple of drop of the Power Up. 

For our faces, we applied a pea-sized amount of moisturiser for one half of the face, 

That was rubbed in, and 2-3 drops were added to one half.

Within 10 minutes we saw serious plumping and smoothing, and skin felt really, really soft. I was quite taken aback at the results. When we saw the photos I asked for the photos to be taken again, because the results seemed unreal. 

We have a small amount of product in stock for a temporary special price (£19) and look forward to your feedback. 


At a Glance:

'Power Up' Silk Barrier Booster Ampoule 3 ml


Who Is It For?

  • Skin showing signs of ageing
  • Skin that needs 'plumping'.
  • Skin in need of serious TLC
  • Sore, red and dry skin
  • Sensitive skin ~ oil and fragrance free.

Instructions for Use

A viscous and potent serum with a very high % of Silk, this has been designed to be added to your existing skincare products. Mix 1-2 drops in the palm of your hand with your moisturiser / oil / serum / retinol before applying to your skin. 


Active Ingredients

Silk Fibroin, Ceramides, Hyalonuric Acid, Niacinamide, Cholesterol, Glycerin.