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This Is Silk pillowcases are the softest and silkiest pillowcases you will find. We know because it took us months to find the silk we use. They are made from the highest grade of pure mulberry silk.

People comment on the thickness and softness of our silk because it stands out. It is not the thin, cheaper silk you will find on the high street where the grade of silk is not specified. Ours has been chosen for its feel, its lustre and its durability.

Our silk comes from the birthplace of silk, the Suzhou region in China, where silk has been made for millennia.

The silkworms are fed on a diet of mulberry leaves to ensure the silk they weave is of the best quality. The silk is woven by a family-owned business and made into pillowcases by another, local family who specialise in sewing silk fabric.

All this history, care and expertise has gone into our pillowcases, to ensure you get the best of the silk.