Q: How long after I order can I start enjoying my beautiful, life-enhancing silk items?

A: We want you to enjoy your silk as soon as possible, so your order is shipped within 3 working days but will take longer in busy periods. Orders are sent by Royal Mail Tracked 48 to the UK mainland between Monday - Friday. If you would prefer we used Royal Mail please let us know. Orders placed on Fridays will be sent on the following Monday or Tuesday. Please note that this is not a guaranteed service and is subject to our best endeavours, especially at a time where weather and the virus are wreaking havoc. 

If First Class or Next Day Delivery is required/desired there is the option to purchase this upgrade when you check out. 


Q: Can I send something as a gift? 

A: Please do! Silk is good for you and very beautiful, and our silk is beautifully packaged so they make wonderful gifts for yourself as well as for others. 

If you would like a note put in with the parcel please email with the message and it will be handwritten for the recipient on your behalf. 



Q: Where can I buy This Is Silk pillowcases and hair wraps?

A: Only here! A small handful of independent, high-end beauty salons stock our pillowcases but otherwise you will only find us here. Our favourite parts of the business are the silk and dealing with customers. It made no sense to supply on a wholesale basis. The other, fundamental reason you will only find us here is that when you buy an item in a store, the mark-up is usually 5-6 times the cost price. Silk is naturally expensive because it is a precious fabric, and we wanted more people to benefit from it. This is in line with our view that the things we buy should be high quality, purposeful and last longer. In other words, an investment, which is what our silk is. 


The Silk Pillowcases


Q: How long before I start seeing the benefits of sleeping on silk?

A: It depends which benefits you mean. The psychological benefit of enhancing your sleep routine with a natural, breathable and luxurious pillowcase is obviously instantaneous. It adds an element of self-care to your bedtime ritual.

The benefits for skin and hair will be seen incrementally but clearly over time.

The tester in the Independent saw a difference within days. 

The difference between cotton and silk will be seen immediately. The first morning will mean either fewer or no pillow creases on your face. The technical qualities of silk will mean that skin is being nurtured and replenished. The creams you put on at night will be able to work harder instead of being absorbed by cotton. 

All of this means that you will see the difference soon. 


Q: How do I wash my silk pillowcases?

A: Silk is so easy to care for, once you know how. Silk prefers being hand-washed but This Is Silk pillowcases are durable enough to be confidently machine washed, at max 30 degrees, on the delicates' cycle. Never use a washing powder, as it is abrasive on silk. If you use a wool or silk detergent, the silk will last for years. 

Silk dries quickly so it is best to leave them to dry naturally, and a quick iron (on the silk setting) when damp will restore its lustre and softness. 


The Silk Hair Wraps


Q: How quickly will I see the difference wearing the hair wrap?

A: You will see in the morning after the first use how differently your hair sits. You will think that your hair has suddenly learned to behave. This is because the hair wraps draw on the old tradition of wrapping hair in silk to tame and nourish it. 


Q: How do I wash my silk hair wraps?

A: Silk prefers to be washed by hand and this is what we strongly recommend. They can be washed in the machine but they will not last as long, and the reason for this is the elastic inside the hair wrap. 

Here at This Is Silk we are big believers in natural products of a high quality which last a long time. Silk is a precious fabric and your silk hair wrap is an investment in your hair, so it deserves to be looked after properly. :)

Handwashing could not be simpler. Fill your hand basin with warm water, add a few drops of baby shampoo, silk detergent or vinegar and swoosh the wrap around a few times. Rinse with clean water and leave to air dry. Silk dries quickly. Voila!