Silk Eye Mask in Persian Blue

Our Pure Mulberry Silk Eye Mask in 22 momme Silk has pure Silk on both sides and is filled with divinely soft Mulberry Silk floss.

The Electric Teal colour is a sensuous, glamorous shade of blue, modern but with Gatsby glamour. 

Silk is known for its anti-ageing properties and our Eye Masks are larger than usual to ensure your delicate eye area is covered and protected, and to block out as much light as possible. 

The Silk does not absorb eye creams like cotton does, so your overnight eye creams work harder for you and stay in place.

  • Pure 22 momme Mulberry Silk on both sides
  • Pure Silk filling
  • Silk is anti-ageing
  • A beautiful shape of eye mask
  • Larger size covers your delicate eye area
  • Larger size blocks out more light and promotes deeper sleep
  • One size fits all
  • Handmade by Silk specialists
  • Comes in a beautiful box
  • Perfect Gift for yourself and for others

Customer Reviews

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Silk eye mask

Recommend by a RGN to help with the healing after I had surgery (Blepharoplasty), the left side wasn’t healing as well as the right side, was red and sore , doesn’t help that I’m a face sleeper, this was 18 months after surgery and 6 months using silicone gel 3 times a day.
After three nights sleeping with my beautiful silk eye mask the redness had completely gone. After 6 weeks it’s completely healed.
Watching the healing process and seeing the silk work its miracles has been incredible, I now sleep on my back, my sleep has improved, the look and feel of my whole eye area looks softened with a glow. 💯 recommend this product