About This Is Silk

Sonal Keay - CEO & Founder of This Is Silk


 "I created This Is Silk to share the incredible benefits of silk for skin and hair"

The main product is the silk pillowcases, which took many months to find. I wanted to recreate that old-fashioned, thick and lustrous silk I remember from my childhood, not the thin and flimsy fabric we see on the High Street. Our pillowcases are a 22 momme weight of silk. This is heavier than most pillowcases on the market, which are either 16 momme or 19 momme and the superior grade means they are more lustrous, more durable and machine-washable.

I have very sensitive skin and need the products I use for my skin and hair to work hard for me. They need to be natural, effective and a pleasure to use.

Silk does all of these things.

I am a barrister by trade and evidence is important to me. I have studied the benefits of silk and they are quite amazing. Not only do you get these benefits whilst you sleep, but you also benefit from the unsurpassable feeling of pure luxury as you sink into silk to sleep. 

Our silk pillowcases come in gorgeous boxes, so they are perfect as gifts for yourself and for other people and our silk hair wraps are new and have been designed to help blowdries last longer and to help calm the frizz and morning bedhead.

I LOVE hearing from people who have bought from me and LOVE reading the comments and the emails. Please do get in touch. I am always very happy to help. 



Evie - "The Silk Apprentice"


My name is Evie and I am ‘The Silk Apprentice’ at This Is Silk. I am 21 years old and I started working for the business in November 2019 after completing my A Levels and I have loved every minute!

Through my childhood and school I have always had a passion for Textiles. When it came to my GCSEs and A levels there was no doubt that I would study Textiles. I always enjoyed finding tiny pieces of different materials and old pieces of clothing then turning it into anything I could. For GCSE I bought an old Silk wedding dress and created an Alice In Wonderland inspired dress then for A Level I created a whole dress using a range of different types of paper.

Silk has always been one of my favourite fabrics and now I get to work alongside it on a daily basis. I have learnt so much about the amazing benefits from using silk for your skin and hair and I am learning more and more about it on a daily basis.

Alongside working for This Is Silk I am also a Shepherdess. I have always lived in a small village in the Cotswold's and I have a small flock of sheep which I care for and breed from. From a young age I grew up around farms and often helped during the lambing season. This led me to purchase 4 orphan lambs which I then bred from a few years ago.

Recently I was entered into the Gloucestershire Apprenticeship Awards and I am a proud finalist. I wouldn’t be a part of this if Sonal hadn't given me such an amazing opportunity to be part of This Is Silk!



If you love silk head over to where I have created the ULTIMATE top - made out of silk, of course.