7 Reasons to Give the Gift of Silk to Your Valentine

If you are wondering what to gift your Valentine this year, you can read why a silk pillowcase or a silk hair wrap from This Is Silk is the most romantic gift you could give.

Roses and chocolates are cliched, easy to come by and don’t last long. If you are looking for a more meaningful gift to give your loved one, an award-winning silk pillowcase or silk hair wrap in a beautiful box would be much better received.

As you will see below, when you give the gift of silk, you are giving a luxurious, sensual, practical, long-lasting gift with real benefits and meaning.

  1. Silk is Luxurious


Silk has long been associated with royalty and it is only relatively recently that Silk has become available to us all.

Silk has the most beautiful, lustrous shine and feel that is absolutely unrivalled by any other fabric, whether natural or handmade. There is a reason they call it the ‘Queen of Fabrics’. Here at This Is Silk, we adore Silk the way others adore diamonds - it is a precious fabric, and a marvel, and it is still associated with luxury and the finest things in life.

When you buy your loved one silk, you are sending a message that they really mean something to you.


  1. Silk is Sensual


Nothing feels as good next to our skin as silk. Silk has many amino acids in common with our skin and hair, and there is the most wonderful synergy and biocompatibility between Silk and our skin. We feel comfortable wearing it, sleeping on it and sinking back onto a Silk pillowcase at the end of the day brings physical and psychological benefits to us, because it feels *so* good.

  1. Silk is Long Lasting

In today’s throwaway society it is nice to give a gift which matches the feelings you have for the person you love. Roses and chocolates last a few days at most and the memory of the gift will fade quickly.

By giving Silk, a beautiful and practical gift which is durable, you are giving a gift which will be a longer-lasting reminder of the gift you gave.

We find that our Silk pillowcases and Silk hair wraps are so valued by our customers that they take them away when travelling.


  1. Silk is Excellent for Skin and Hair


Your partner may take great care over their skin and hair care regimes, but it is hard to buy a traditional skincare product like face cream because these tend to be very specific choices.

A silk pillowcase however is a universally beneficial product for our skin and hair. The Chinese have used silk as part of their skincare routines for millennia but this is relatively new knowledge for the West.

This Is Silk pillowcases have been independently reviewed and found to ‘plump up skin and reduce fine lines.’ They have been recommended by leading hair stylists to reduce hair damage and breakage, and all these benefits are natural. This is luxurious skin and haircare without any nasty chemical ingredients, so you are gifting something that is beneficial for health.

  1. Our Silk comes Beautifully Packaged

In case it wasn’t already obvious, we adore Silk and consider it a gift from Nature. Silk is so very beneficial to us, that every time it is bought by someone for themselves, we want that person to think of it as a gift they are giving to themselves.  

Our packaging has been designed to be elegant but minimal and is often complimented, and delights people when they see them. It has also been designed to reflect the Silk ; understated but incredibly beautiful.

  1. Our Silk is Award-Winning, yet Affordable

Silk is luxurious but that doesn’t mean it is prohibitively expensive. Here at This Is Silk we believe in sustainable and ethical pricing, which means that there are no high mark-ups. We only sell directly to people, so that we can pass the best prices onto you. Our mark-ups are low, in order to ensure that our business grows slowly but sustainably.

The Silk is of an incredibly high quality, as you will see within moments of opening your parcel.

  1. Silk is Meaningful

We believe that it is incredibly and gloriously romantic to give a gift to someone you care about, which has history and meaning.

Silk certainly has history! The world as we know it today is built on the trading routes which opened up linking the East with the West, known as the Silk Roads. Silk was as desired thousands of years ago as it is today, and was such a valuable and precious commodity that these trading routes was named after it.

So you see what a special gift a silk pillowcase or silk hair wrap is. In one beautifully designed box, there is a luxurious, practical, healthful and gorgeous bit of history, waiting to be adored by your Valentine.


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