No woman is an island, and this business exists as a result of my love for silk and the people in my life.

I am grateful to every single customer who buys from me and thereby places their trust in me. 

I am grateful to the following people in particular, who play or have played a hugely helpful part in my life and that of the business.


My husband and children

For their love, patience, their support, their general rambunctiousness and joy. 


My parents

As above, but also for passing on their work ethic, that you should always give a good account of yourself, that you can and should reach for the stars and especially my father's steadfast beliefs that you don't have to settle or compromise or fit in if you don't want to, and that you should have as much fun as possible. 


My colleagues at the English Bar and my Pupilmasters

For showing me time and time again that hard work, integrity, resilience, good manners and humour are generally enough to get you through anything. Also for teaching that one must be fearless.


Amy Silverston

For unwavering help, support and companionship when I had my first child, and for hours of research in the British Library!


My Suppliers and Seamstresses

For taking this tiny little fish seriously when I first approached you with my dreams and for their ongoing support. 


Rhys Davies

For proclamations of support, motivation, telling me to just keep going and the obligatory gentle ribbing.


Diana Von Rettig

For helping me to start the business, for being a beacon of support locally and for her time, guidance, bonhomie and photography.


Birgit Eisman

For generously modelling with grace and patience when the business first started.


Seth Godin

For being an awesome guru and for endlessly trying to teach everyone that we should all have courage and that we should always seek to serve and improve, and for emphasising that a business is only as good as the service it provides to its community. 


Anne McDonald

For showing my family the nobility of love and kindness and how to view children with wonderment, always. 


Beverley Davies

For using her considerable power to support independent, women-owned businesses.


Nikki Garner

For providing solace to me and thousands of other women with her soulful writing at midlifechic.com and for using her prowess and influence to support me and other small businesses, and for her bonhomie and wisdom throughout.